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Tally Prime is the complete business & accounting software for all medium & small businesses. Tally Prime effectively helps you manage inventory, accounting, taxation, banking, payroll & much more in order to get rid of troubles & complexities & focus on business growth. No doubt, Tally Prime simplifies business owners’ lives by simplifying business software, multi-tasking, insightful reports & much more. Let’s head on to the features of Tally Prime.

Invoicing & Accounting

Tally Prime makes everything simple & effective to record & create the invoices. What makes Tally Prime efficient is the optimized invoice components, multiple billing modes, host of configurations, & so on. These features make Tally Prime moulding your business. You can create professional-looking GST compliant invoices in seconds, you can have flexible purchase & sales management, you can work with multiple billing format & multi-currency support, multi price level, multiple addresses, etc. 

Above all, your bills receivables & bills payables can be managed automatically when it comes to saving your invoice. You can also pre-set the details like additional ledgers & duty ledgers so that there will be no repetitive entry in the invoice. You receive support for promotional transactions such as free samples through different zero-valued transactions. 

Inventory Management

The amazing features of Tally Prime make the most for the inventory management system. It offers various features like multiple stock valuation, godown management, batch & expiry date, manufacturing, job costing, etc. The most powerful inventory report make inventory management better. 

Above all, Tally Prime offers you a flexible inventory management system to handle all the exceptions so that you can make informed decisions. You can make a variety of inventory reports like stock summary, item wise profitability, ageing analysis report, which helps you to keep a watch on the stock movement & let you manage your inventory more effectively. 

Tally Prime also offers you the job costing feature to track the cost  & revenue information like labour, material, overhead down to all the smallest detail. 

Insightful Business Reports

Tally Prime comes with more than 400 readily available business reports which will allow you to make the most informed decisions. Tally Prime is amazingly flexible that will allow you to edit your report & make them look the way you want. It will make it works for your business. Tally Prime allow you to make accurate & insightful reports, getting around reports, configure reports, & get a 360-degree view of your business.

GST & Taxation

With the help of Tally Prime, you can make GST compliant invoices such as bill of supply, tax invoices, etc. It can also file the GST returns within no time. You can generate e-invoices & print invoices with the QR codes instantly. With the help of Tally Prime, you can also manage TDS, TCS, payroll statutory, etc. 

The features allow you to quickly configure the tax details, export the return data in various formats, etc.

Credit & Cash Flow Management

Tally Prime helps you to optimize cash flow management by increasing the efficiencies in accounts payable, accounts receivables, inventories & various other areas of business. Tally Prime allows you to be on top of the cash flows. To manage cash effectively, you can send reminders & letters to your customers in a professional format. You can also get to know the average time that your customers take so that they can pay their bills with the help of a payment performance report. 

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